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Psychiatric Nursing

MOTTO: Compassionate care towards mental health.


           The Psychiatric Nursing Department shall strive towards equipping Nursing students in developing expertise and in depth understanding in the field of psychiatric nursing in order to function as a psychiatric nurse specialist at various levels of services like individual, family and society.


             The department is dedicated to achieve excellence in teaching and learning in the field of psychiatric nursing through developing and executing quality patient care standards and enrich research activities to develop all-round personality of the nursing students. 


  • We the faculty of the department of mental health nursing believes in developing the students  to take care of the patients with various mental disorders, families and care givers in order to maintain standard mental health care.
  • We recognize mental health nursing is a specialized field in nursing, which identifies the people with various mental health issues and meets their needs at individual, family and community.
  • We accept that mental health nurse, is committed to their own professional development and inculcates competencies in rendering mental health services that reflects on contemporary mental health care and standards




  1. To work with a multi-disciplinary team in order to provide comprehensive care to the patients.
  2. To Develop and implement teaching and learning plans that meet the needs of assigned psychiatric/mental health clients
  3. To inculcate positive attitude towards mentally ill patients
  4. To access and improve quality of psychiatric services.
  5. To conduct collaborative research in all aspects of mental disorders.
  6. To provide psychiatric education and training to the students.
  7. To Articulate awareness of standards and scope of practice related to contemporary mental health care.


    • Childhood and adolescents Psychiatric Nursing
    • Women’s Mental Health
    • Substance Abuse and drug use
    • School Mental health Programme
    • Guidance and counseling
    • Learning disabilities in children 
    • Geriatric considerations towards mental health