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Pediatric Nursing

MOTTO:  Competent and compassionate care of children


To facilitate students to develop proficiency in identification, prevention and nursing management of health problems of neonates and children by using Nursing Process Approach, which will enable the students to function as educators, manager and researcher in the field of Pediatric Nursing.


The department strives to impart knowledge and skills required to respond to health care needs of infants and children through evidence based practice and safeguarding the health and rights of children.



  • We the faculty of pediatric nursing department believes in holistic approach of  caring for children by recognizing their age specific  physical, cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual, and moral developmental needs
  • We recognize that pediatric nursing education is an ongoing collaborative approach among students, children and their families, and clinical facilities in order to facilitate the students to understand and internalize the core values of pediatric nursing care.
  • We accept that professional development of a pediatric nurse will help in rendering  competent and compassionate care in every aspects of child health and to maintain standards of professional excellence


  1. To plan, implement and evaluate quality education in pediatric nursing by adopting innovative teaching/learning and evaluation strategies, in order to develop competency in students
  2. To conduct CNE programmes/Seminars/Workshops/ Exhibitions on recent advancements related to child health and research in thrust areas
  3. To celebrate Child health related National Programmes namely, World Breastfeeding Week and Newborn Week
  4. To participate in regional, National and international conference/workshop/seminar/training programmes  



  • Neonatal and pediatric critical /acute care
  • Infection control practices, developmental supportive care and supportive care to parents
  • Adolescent health
  • Nutrition and reproductive health
  • Preventive pediatrics
  • Nutrition, immunization and anticipatory guidance