Admission open for academic year 2022-23 9880092435

OBG Nursing

MOTTO: Fostering Excellence in Women’s Health Care.


  • We will provide a comprehensive educational experience motivating our students to be lifelong learners in the field of women’s health.
  • We will transform our department to support excellence in patient centered care, service and advocacy for women’s reproductive health beyond existing structures and boundaries.
  • We commit to full departmental collaboration, integration and support to achieve outstanding basic and clinical research


Department of OBG Nursing strives to enhance quality education in women’s health care by providing advanced knowledge through education, research and advocacy.



  • We the faculty of Department of OBG Nursing believes in taking care of women with motherhood and child birth in the context of holistic approach by recognizing each women’s social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural needs.
  • We recognize midwifery education is an ongoing relationship between students, patients, hospital settings and community in order to enable the students to understand and learn the core value of midwifery care which is the fundamental duty of a midwife in the society.
  • We accept the professional development of a midwife will help in achieving the compassionate care in every aspects of women’s life and maintains the standards for professional excellence.


  1. To impart quality education to the students in the field of women’s health care
  2. To apply innovative teaching strategies that enhance learning outcome of the students
  3. To prepare students to provide family centered comprehensive care to women and neonate
  4. To undertake projects in thrust areas
  5. To extend professional services to community 


  • Perinatal and neonatal health
  • Abortion,
  • Anemia, 
  • Family planning, 
  • Pre-eclampsia,
  • Eclampsia, 
  • Ante-partum &Postpartum hemorrhage
  • Infertility
  • Adolescent’s health