Note : Admissions Closed for G.N.M, Basic B.Sc.(N) for the academic Year of 2020-2021 9880092435

Medical Surgical Nursing Department


The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing (MSN) prepares each student to become a well-qualified person in the art and science of nursing and meet prescribed standards of education & clinical competencies related to basic and advanced concepts. It trains the students to independently perform activities in promotion of health, prevention of illness, care the ill, disabled and dying people and key roles focus on workplace advocacy; evidence-based practice; professional development; national leadership, research and so on in the health care delivery system. The clinical services of the department include clinical supervision of students, patient care, in-service education, conduction of awareness programs, health screening, clinical administration and research activities.



The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing strives for outstanding educational outcomes by every graduates and post graduates who will be recognized for excellence, leadership, and compassionate care.



The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing strives for excellence in nursing education and training graduate and post graduate to demonstrate integrity innovation caring and advocate for nursing as leaders of tomorrow.



  1. To plan, implement and sustain quality in educational programs for students (M.Sc. B.Sc. P. B. B. Sc Nursing), and other critical care (value added) certification courses
  2. To provide quality nursing training to all the learners through diverse class room and clinical teaching strategies
  3. To provide clinical learning experience to students of various categories placed in the department
  4. To plan and implement co-curricular activities based on societal need and which strengthen the national health policy in building the nation.
  5. To plan and sustain excellence through innovation, continued and sustained training on current learner and patient cantered standards.
  6. To build up research potential in the Department among students and faculty.
  7. To provide consultation services in the field of nursing service (dual role concept), education (seminars workshops, conferences,) and research (graduate and post graduate research projects.


The philosophy of Medical Surgical Nursing Department is congruent with the philosophy of SDUCON and reflects the beliefs of the faculty that each one is committed, innovative, maintains integrity throughout teaching learning process to enhance the scope of nursing profession for evidence based practice.

The faculty believes that:

Each student is a unique being whose intellectual, developmental, clinical competencies and attributes affect his/her ability to seek relevant learning information and resources in order to be assertive in critical thinking and make decisions using Evidence- Based Information for nursing care.

Society is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, thus each graduate is empowered to contribute to society by advocating for the needs of individuals, their families,  for  health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitative and treatment of acute and chronic illness in a all the levels health care environment/ settings, and  essential in promoting active participation in self-care management.

Health is a dynamic state of healing; one of optimal physiological, psychosocial, and spiritual well-being. An individual’s personal definition of health is influenced by age, gender, cultural factors, and experience. An individual’s participation in self-care and health promotion behaviors is affected by his/her personal definition of health. 

Nursing is an art and a science with a unique body of knowledge and skills. Caring is the foundation for all nurse- patient relationships. Nurses are responsible for promoting and maintaining a safe environment while embracing relationship-based care. 

Nursing Education prepares the student to meet health care needs using the nursing process, applying critical thinking, evidence-based nursing, and clinical reasoning.

Research and Innovation provides the framework for educating students to become caring professional nurses exhibiting integrity, clinical competence, effective communication, advocacy, and ethical behaviour. 


  1.  Building value added courses in advanced nursing practice.
  2.  Unify and implement patient care standards and models in clinical setting.
  3. qualitative research to enhance quality life of patients 
  4. Standardization of nursing care plan based on prevalence of disease pattern and learner specific.
  5. Encouraging the innovative, digital learning for evidenced care. 
  6. Collaborate for  interdisciplinary research