Community Health Nursing


“Caring for life, building a healthy community


         The department of Community Health Nursing strives to facilitate UG and PG student learning within a culture that promotes professional excellence through Evidence based Practice and to provide quality care to the individual, family and community as a whole.


            The department of Community Health Nursing strives to impart quality education in order to develop in depth understanding of the relationship between individual and community in preparing the student as an exemplary Community Health Nurse in executing quality service to the individual, family and community as a whole.



  1. We the department of community health nursing believe that community health nursing address holistic human responses to various level of health care setting which is covered with ill prevention, health promotion and health maintains. 
  2. We recognized services provided to the communities are continuous, dealing with wide range of health problems and health needs of the society.
  3. We accept that community health nursing students with excellent knowledge and skill will be a valuable asset. 


  • To maintain 100% results among all batch of students
  • To describe and implement the advanced role within the framework of community health nursing function.
  • To provide reproductive and child health service and participate in related specific clinics. 
  • To demonstrate innovative health education techniques based on the health needs of the individual family and community.
  • To identify the training needs and conduct staff development programmes for different functionaries in the community.
  • To  conduct departmental co-curricular programs 


  • To develop nursing care modules for the special group ( under-fives, adolescent and geriatrics)
  • To encourage on multi sectorial approach for effective community health nursing services.
  • Interventional studies on community/national health issues.
  • Mapping of vulnerable populations and understanding their special needs.
  • Special focus on specific health needs such as Non – communicable Diseases – diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular conditions.